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Camp Patmos

Where God Spoke, And I Listened...

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The Lodge
The Lodge is the main building and the center for all meals and indoor fun and games. There is a Foosball Table, a Pool Table, Ping Pong Table, along with a Snack Shack to buy treats and goodies to enjoy in the evening and off hours.
The Meeting Tent
We have a large tent located on the camp grounds that can be used for meetings and activities in case of rain. The tent is equipped with lights and has a large platform that can accommodate many uses.
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The Lake
Lake Maloney is a magnificent lake that provides Camp Patmos with many activities that sets us apart from most other camps. The Lake is over 1600 acres and most of which can be used for the activities we provide. Speed Boat rides, Water Tubing, Paddle Boats, Water Skiing, and Swimming are just some of the many fun activities available.
The Paintball Course
Our newly expanded Paintball course is a challenge to any player. It doesn't matter if you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran. The paintball course is a great amount of fun for anyone. We have the available capacity of 10 players at a time, and room for more.
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The Cabins
The cabins are all of block work construction and each have a capacity of 10 campers, and can be expanded to more than that if needed. Each has electricity and is protected from the elements. All of our cabins have been repainted and refurbished over the last few years and are kept up in the best order.
The Archery Range
There is an Archery Range that will be open at certain times in the day. A batting cage is also available to help hone your baseball skills. We also have some available sports equipment upon request. New to the camp is a full sized boxing ring.
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The Basketball Court
The King’s Court is a nice paved basketball court ready for pickup games and even tournaments. The area is enclosed by a fence and can be converted to, among other things, a Human Foosball Court which offers loads of fun for all.
Reservation Fee
This is a simple $350 fee that must be paid one month in advance of the intended camp week to ensure that your place is held for you at the camp. The good news is this fee can be applied at the start of the week to any other fee you would like to.

Camper Fee and Discount
Where most camps would run much more than our fee of $135 a camper, we offer a discount to groups of 16 or more which brings the cost down to only $85 a camper. We aim to make Camp Patmos an affordable place where any church of any size may come and enjoy all that we have to offer.

Camp Equipment fees

Speed Boat Fee - $450. This speed boat is an exceptional piece of equipment that is the power house of the lake activities. Tubing has never been this challenging or fun, and the water skiing experience can not be easily matched.
Jet Ski Fee - $150. This is the smaller powered water craft on the lake, but don’t be fooled!! the Jet ski is a fast and exhilarating machine that makes waves and takes maneuverability to a whole new level. Tubing is great fun behind this machine.
Paintball Fee - $100. The Paintball Course is a great challenge for newcomer and experienced alike. This nominal fee helps us provide the best experience for your campers. The battles and wounds will be talked about for weeks to come.